About us


is to achieve a visible improvement of the market economy mainly in emerging countries in order to reduce poverty and improve the quality of life in this part of the world.

In addition, we offer to all individuals and enterprises greater flexibility in secure financial transactions.

  • Your beneficiaries do not need to have a SafiMoney account to accept funds transfers from you, but there are many more benefits if they are.
  • Your SafiMoney wallet can be charged in a number of ways including bank transfer, cash deposit to one of our partners, third party and many others.
  • Your online purchases become easy and secure 3D with your SafiMoney wallet.
  • With your business wallet, you will be able to pay your affiliates, employees and partners as well as pay online, instantly and securely.
  • Integrating our API for business platforms is very simple and allows you to increase flexibility and reliability in your customers' online purchases.

In order to achieve the goal of our VISION,
we have grouped and split our MISSION into three main pillars:


Provide individuals and businesses with innovative, affordable, adaptable, reliable and secure digital financial services.


Build a strong smart community with knowledge sharing with the potential to generate additional income for each of the community members.


Advise by proposing a concept and strategy for managing your finances in a modern, efficient and intelligent way.

executive board

Olivier FOALEM CEO - Chief Executive Officer
Strategy, Operations & IT, Markets & Products
Nadine ZANDER CFO - Chief Finance Officer
Finance & Management Control, Marketing & Communication