Keep in touch with your community, share your experience and learn from the others, and you will even be rewarded for it with a special bonus.

Why the Bonus Program?

  • Earn money and/or increase your income
  • Share your experience and learn from other users
  • Be part of the valuable SafiMoney community
  • Keep in touch with your own community


  • Build a community while recommending our solution to customers, friends and relatives. Beside keeping in touch with them, you can even earn money or increase your income with a bonus of up to 12,5% on all sent transactions of your direct contacts and up to 7,5% on all sent transactions of their recommendations.
  • In order to receive a bonus, your recommendation must register via your generated link.
  • If you own a website, we can provide a banner or a personal link for registration on our SafiMoney platform. This provides an even more effective way to increase your community and thus your income.
  • Click here to create or manage your own network

Challenge SafiVideo

  • You receive a bonus of 70000 XAF or 100 EUR for each explanatory video or related to your experience upon selection of the SafiMoney jury and publication on our Youtube channel.
  • The prerequisite to attend the challenge SafiVideo is to be member of the SafiMoney community.
  • Video contribution is published by a jury on the YouTube channel of SafiMoney. 2 videos will be rewarded and published on our Youtube channel on a monthly basis. The bonus will be paid within 4 weeks from the date of publication.
  • You can use the following channels for submission:
    • E-mail: The video can be submitted by e-mail to [email protected] together with your SafiMoney Identification or via link.
    • YouTube: Alternatively, you can make your video post on your own YouTube channel accessible to the SafiMoney jury. Please send your SafiMoney identification and the link to [email protected].
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