SafiMoney Wallet


Why SafiMoney Wallet ?

Your multi-wallet with different currencies

Will help you manage your finances in real time and in a practical and flexible way.

Manage your money
in real time

Payments and
instant cash pickup

online purchases and in point of sales

Withdrawing funds
from our partners

Cash deposit or
from your bank account

Sending and / or receiving
funds instantly

Your SafiMoney account and your wallet go hand in hand.
Managing your funds has never been easier.

Differents types of wallets

Private wallet

Create and manage your private wallet, send and receive money from your loved ones or relatives

Business wallet

Create wallet for your company with sub-account for example for the management of your employees, or according to your needs, with ease and control

Multi-currencies wallet

Private wallet

Create multiple wallets with different currencies and enjoy a unique exchange rate